If your Entegra based Cirrus was built before October 2005

Or, simply stated, still has the classical analog displays for engine and electrical instrumentation on right hand panel side (instead of a glovebox) - then EMAXplus™ will provide a major upgrade to the capabilities of your PFD: Like later (DAU based) SR2x EMAXplus™ will enable your PFD to display engine data. Furthermore your MFD will be able to indicate all bus loads for both alternators (AMP1 and AMP2) and the main battery (BAT1) and correctly log the data as part of the EMax data streams for later analysis. The MFD will also then indicate density altitude (DENSITY ALT).

EMAXplus™: PFD engine data for SIU based Avidyne Entegra Cirrus

  • EMAXplus™ enables the display of engine and performance data on the EXP5000 primary flight display (PFD), otherwise only available in later serial numbers 
  • EMAXplus™ enables the PFD to monitor MAIN and ESSENTIAL bus voltages and display them instantaneously in case of abnormal values 
  • EMAXplus™ enables simultaneous display of all electrical bus loads (ALT1, ALT2 and BAT) on the MFD’s engine and chart pages 
  • EMAXplus will correctly log bus load data in EMax for later download and analysis. 
  • EMAXplus™ enables the MFD to monitor electrical and engine parameters and provide immediate signaling for certain abnormal conditions 
  • EMAXplus™ enables the MFD to display density altitude (DA).