Dear Fellow Cirrus Pilot,

I am glad and - admitted - somewhat proud as well to announce today that EMAXplus has finally been certified as EASA Minor Change and can therefore be installed in your Avidyne based EU, US, Canada and Brazil registered Cirrus SR2x aircraft.

For those of you who did not have the opportunity to see a demonstration during one of the past Migrations or CPPPs - or interested in an update to the final feature set - here's the story:

Flying SR22s since the early G1 duals screen days I always missed the display of engine data on the PFD. Especially during approach phases of a flight I wanted the MFD to stay on the Chart page, showing the geo referenced JeppView plates - and missing engine, fuel and other data. Switching between MFD pages to check the engine parameters I felt created distraction and unnecessary workload, especially when hand flying. I also disliked the paradigm shift of going back and forth between digital and analog gauges (far right and small anyways), feeling this was somehow workload increasing. Cirrus and Avidyne also realized this and – by introduction of the later DAU engine instrumentation and new PFD and MFD software (the "Glovebox" SR2x) – addressed this problem. The older SIU aircraft though never benefitted from these updates. This started the EMAXplus idea: to take the SIU data, convert it to DAU format, and enable SIU aircraft to benefit from these advances in software. And a long journey started…

By now EMAXplus has evolved significantly - the major reason certification took somewhat longer than anticipated: first conceived as an SIU to DAU protocol converter, enabling engine data display on the PFD, EMAXplus now includes system monitoring with instant audible messaging. It facilitates backup access to many engine and electrical parameters in case of MFD failures. It delivers gallons based fuel switch management, TKS consumption timing and announcements, a seamless flight timer, and pitot caution messaging based on OAT.

EMAXplus has been approved as EASA Minor Change for installation in all Avidyne based Cirrus SR2x with Avidyne SIU or DAU engine instrumentation. Based on the EU-US bilateral agreement and TIP (Revision 6 of September 2017) minor changes are now reciprocally accepted between the agencies. Therefore installation of EMAXplus in US registered aircraft can be performed with just a logbook entry. The same applies for Canada and Brazil under similar agreements.

Thanks to all of you that have been patiently waiting for certification! The wait is finally over, production has started and your Cirrus Service Center or avionics shop will now be able to install EMAXplus.

I hope you will find EMAXplus as useful as I already do (having the pleasure of getting to fly the prototype) and an improvement to safety and usability of your Cirrus SR20 or SR22.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions you might have!

Regensburg, December 14, 2017

Theo Beisch
Dipl.-Ing. ATP CFII
Founder and Managing Director