Pre Owned Cirrus

The Cirrus SR22 manufactured by Cirrus Design ( of Duluth, Minnesota, USA, is simply the most successful single engine general aviation aircraft developed and manufactured over the past decade.
Cirrus aircraft are winning for both performance and a set of features, enabled by the modern composite design which most of the ‚established‘ makers (still using sheet metal, a technology used for decades) just can‘t catch up with. In addition to the ability to integrate TKS de icing panels, all Cirrus aircraft provide a parachute  recovery system (CAPS - Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System) as ‚help of last resort‘ that as of today has already saved well over 50 lives. The SR22 engine with 320hp provides ample resources for takeoff and climb and flexibility in cruise to go for endurance and/or low operations cost (while still flying at 160 knots true air speed) or go for speed. The interior is wide spaced to provide comfortable seating to crew and passengers. Production numbers have just reached 5.000 aircraft, during times where most of the classical manufacturers

are struggling or have entirely ceased production. Macroeconomic reasons and a seemingly permanent crisis of our present economies on both sides of the Atlantic seem to cause reduced production of new aircraft in general.
Accordingly new aircraft prices are ever increasing - at an almost inverse proportional relationship . Another cause for continuously growing new aircraft prices seems to relate to model improvements and cost associated with features and innovation added in general. Pre owned Cirrus aircraft are accordingly retaining their market values at substantially lower annual depreciation rates, providing attractive opportunities for buyers and longer term investment safety. Provided the buyer knows the process, the market, has the right partners to trust and, besides the funds, has the time to invest to find the right aircraft and manage all aspects of gaining ownership…

This is where we suggest you consider SimplyFlying.

Purchase Consulting

We realize buying an aircraft is not only an investment requiring a significant financial commitment. Buying an aircraft is also a very personal decision with many respects and tradeoffs that need consideration. A multitude of user requirements come into play — factors like typical flight operations (pleasure or business, typical payload, fuel efficiency), current and maybe future aeronautical qualification (VFR, IFR, single or multi engine), long- or short-term ownership plans, affinity for technology (especially including avionics), safety objectives (to match the flight operations targeted), etc..

Our services include: 

  1. aircraft location and acquisition (contract, pre buy inspection, escrow and transfer of title)
  2. update of avionics for compliance with European regulatory requirements
  3. technical maintenance (new engine, propeller overhaul)
  4. cosmetic maintenance (paint and interior, placards)
  5. certification of the aircraft to a fresh annual inspection
  6. transfer to Europe
  7. EU import, delivery and (if required) national registration

We are focused on the pre owned Cirrus SR22 market, which we monitor on a daily basis. Our US based infrastructure and partner network allows us to inspect a selected aircraft, to avoid unwanted surprises, and to support all process phases from market research to final delivery.
For US licensed owner pilots we can assist to keep the aircraft in US (N)-registration. So while we are naturally happy to provide Cirrus related consulting and acquisition management to help you find your personal Cirrus, we realize that your needs may differ. We can help you from a basic consulting process all the way to representing you as your agent when acting on behalf of you
as a buyer in a closely coordinated, transparent and objective procurement process. Here you can benefit from more than 20 years of aircraft purchasing experience and market knowledge across a wide range of single and multi engine aircraft.