Dear Fellow Cirrus Pilot,

With many hours in Avidyne Entegra based SR22s I always missed the display of engine data on the Entegra PFD. Especially during approach phases of a flight I wanted the MFD to permanently display the Chart page with the georeferenced JeppView / CMax plates. Switching between MFD pages to check engine parameters I felt created distraction from primary scan and unnecessary workload, especially when hand flying. This is how the EMAXplus™ idea was born.

EMAXplus upgrades early G1 and G2 models – which Cirrus and Avidyne later implemented as standard features (the “glovebox” models) and makes this and more possible without exchanging the entire instrumentation system MCU, SIU and engine sensors.

By now and well into the certification process EMAXplus has evolved from being a simple protocol converter to an aural messaging system than will give any Avidyne Entegra based Cirrus additional monitoring with instant audible crew alerts, a gallons based fuel switch management, a TKS pump activation timer and (SIU aircraft) a pitot caution monitor.
I hope you will find EMAXplus™ as useful as I do and an improvement to safety and usability of your Cirrus SR20 or SR22.
Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions you might have!

Theo Beisch

Dipl.-Ing. ATP CFII